Take a look at all of our awesome projects coming in 2018!

The Godhood Universe is about to get a whole lot bigger, which title are you most ready for?
  1. Keisha Carter is Mega Woman
    Keisha Carter is Mega Woman
    Urban culture meets Greek mythology When Atlanta born Keisha Carter discovers she is the last child of Zeus.
  2. Sharpshooter: The Blind Archer
    Sharpshooter: The Blind Archer
    When Olympic Gold Medalist and archer Chris Hill is blinded by a terrorist attack, He vows justice on those responsible.
  3. Jet: Boy Rocket
    Jet: Boy Rocket
    Orphan Luis Sanchez doesn't have friends, family or a green card. Still he's eager to become the perfect superhero.
  4. Ghost Girl: Rebirth
    Ghost Girl: Rebirth
    Murdered on her prom night Indian native Asha Patel hungry for revenge, strikes the ultimate deal with death.
  5. Kelly Kennedy: American Angel
    Kelly Kennedy: American Angel
    Granted superpowers by the government JFK's great granddaughter must face off against corruption, lies and family curses.
  6. The Magnificent Man
    The Magnificent Man
    Banished from his home world, an alien prince grows up on earth, becoming a history teacher and mighty hero.
  7. The Black Mamba
    The Black Mamba
    Raised by a deadly an ancient assassin's guild Tokyo born Kiyoko Matsumoto is the worlds most deadly assassin.
  8. The Energy Man
    The Energy Man
    Created in the universe before a living star awakens after a millennia of sleep to find that an evil defeated ions ago has returned
  9. Dragon Boy of Detroit
    Dragon Boy of Detroit
    A cursed descendent of King Arthur, battles an ancient sorceress and the public that fears him.
  10. Neptus: E.T
    Neptus: E.T
    Born on the planet Aquas an earth sized planet covered entirely in ocean, a sea policeman tracks a deadly fugitive to earth.
  11. Tigerman
    A young African chieftain struggles to revive his culture with the help of the animal spirit that possesses him.
  12. BuzzKill: Bounty
    BuzzKill: Bounty
    With a life ravaged by war and a family lost to terrorism Palestinian special forces agent Abdul Aziz turns to a life of venery.